About Us

The Loverde Family Community Fund (LFCF) actively seeks, develops, and supports partnership initiatives that primarily benefit the citizens of Southwestern Baltimore County, Maryland. Of special interest to LFCF are human services, education, arts and culture, and organizations that serve these objectives.

Over the past thirty years, the principals of LFCF, Joe and Cindy Loverde, have had an ever-increasing involvement in this community. Their home, where they raised five children, is in Catonsville. Many members of their extended family live in the area and they have built three successful businesses in the heart of Catonsville. The need for continued quality of schools, availability of recreation, vitality in the arts, and accessibility to health care and educational institutions is uppermost in their minds.

Joe Loverde will proudly tell you that the inspiration for the Loverde Family Community Fund was the late Bea Gaddy’s annual Thanksgiving Dinners for the homeless along with Mother Theresa’s work with the dying and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s humbling directive, “It is always time to do the right thing.” He and his wife, Cindy, are firm in their desire to make this community the best it can be. They are convinced that “doing the right thing” and “being the best” are supportive of each other and the most direct path to getting needed things done in the community.

LFCF believes that a healthy community begins with caring for the people within it – the families and the children. They have put out a call for people to share their talents with them and the community as well as people to mentor the next generation. Prosperity of communities such as Catonsville/Southwestern, extrapolated across the U.S.A., is where the successful future of our country is rooted. LFCF is up to the challenge and actively at that task.

LFCF is effective by focusing efforts and building partnerships for strong impact. In a little over two years, LFCF has raised $35,000 for the Community College of Baltimore County at Catonsville. In the summer of 2007, LFCF sponsored a free community concert at the Lurman Woodland Theatre. Taking a page from Bea Gaddy’s book, Thanksgiving of 2007, saw the fund partner with more than twenty organizations and individuals to begin a new, annual rite of the holiday. They served a traditional holiday dinner with all the trimmings to needy and homeless neighbors and have continued to serve bi-monthly dinners at the West Side Shelter on the grounds of the former Spring Grove Hospital.

In taking up these tasks, the Loverde Family Community Fund is trying to join with others to move toward real, permanent solutions. Nothing is more important for them to do.

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